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How To Do Naked Yoga,

How To Do Naked Yoga
How To Do Naked Yoga

Follow these instructions to do naked yoga in your home.

  1. Become educated about the basics of yoga.  Many colleges teach yoga classes.  These classes are worth the money.  You can also rent, buy, or borrow instructional yoga DVDs.  Many online websites sell DVDs on naked yoga.  Some of them are instructional and well worth the money.  Others are closer to being soft porn.  Make sure you know what you are getting. Websites like will allow you to rent DVDs.  You can also find instructional yoga books with DVDs at your local library.
  2. Get comfortable with all the basic beginner poses.  This is the best time to take a class.  In the beginning, you may not do the poses accurately.  It is important to do the poses well so that you do not injure yourself.  Plus, you will get more out of the exercise when done correctly.  A good yoga teacher will help you correct any errors, and give you tips on how to improve.
  3. Learn the proper breathing techniques.  Proper breathing is essential for any exercise.  During yoga proper breathing allows you to reduce tension and anxiety, improves function of the cardio-vascular system, and calms the mind.
  4. Practice nude yoga at home.  Find a private and peaceful place to be alone, like the bedroom.
  5. Nude yoga is meant to be done completely naked.  In the beginning you may feel more comfortable wearing underwear.
  6. Work out with a partner.   Many people find this erotic, and improve a couple's sex life.  Or just have your partner watch.
  7. Take a hot bath or shower just before doing the nude yoga.  Your muscles will be warmer and more flexible.  Plus, you will be more relaxed and feel better about doing the yoga nude.


  • Do not let anyone convince you that doing nude yoga is silly.  There are many benefits to doing yoga nude.  It helps to improve your self-esteem and body image.  Plus, it can be for sensual and help to ensure mutual respect between partners.  It also helps with the meditative aspects of doing yoga.  Being free of the distraction clothes helps you to concentrate better.
  • Dim the lighting for a sense of well-being.
  • Make sure your environment is clean and clutter free to prevent distractions.
  • Use a sound machine.  White noise or calming ocean waves can help you meditate.  The machine will block out unwanted noise that can be very distracting.
  • Lock the bedroom door.


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