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How To Massage a Stiff Neck for Better Stretching,

How To Massage a Stiff Neck for Better Stretching
How To Massage a Stiff Neck for Better Stretching

A tiring day at work can cause your body to ache and feel tired. Usually, if your eight-hour day job requires sitting down at a desk and pouring over tons of paperwork, you will probably get a headache and a stiff neck.

The best remedy for a stiff neck would be stretching. Read on the following steps to see how you can massage your stiff neck for better stretching.

You will need:

  • damp towel or washcloth
  • body lotion or massage oil

Place the damp towel in the microwave and heat it for about 10 seconds. This should make the towel hot enough, but not so much that it would scald your skin. Wrap the towel around your neck and keep it there until the towel goes cold. This will help loosen the stiff muscles around the neck.

You may remove the towel once your neck starts to relax. If it hasn’t yet, you may put the towel back in the microwave and do the previous step again. After this, you will then need to do simple stretches just to see how far you can go without feeling any pain. Start by bringing your right ear down to your right shoulder. To increase the stretch, try dropping your left shoulder. Do the same thing on the other side. If you feel any pain in doing this exercise, stop.

Now, slowly turn your head to the right as far as you can go. If you can, try looking over your right shoulder. Do the same on the opposite side and look as far as you can over your left shoulder. Again, if you feel any pain, stop doing the exercises completely, take a rest and begin again once you’re better.

Next step is to apply some lotion or massage oil to your neck. To massage effectively, use your right hand to massage the left side of your neck. Start from the bone that’s behind your ear until towards the bottom of your neck. As you massage, squeeze your neck muscle in between your thumb and forefinger. Do this in a downward motion for until your neck muscles find relief.

Feel for the large muscle on the back of your neck that starts from the base of your skull until your shoulders. Put moderate pressure on your fingers and massage downward. Repeat several times until your neck relaxes.

Now stretch your right neck by repeating the previous steps. If you feel that you haven’t improved on turning your head as far as it can go, massage your neck some more and then try stretching again.

Repeat all the steps on the other side of your neck. This time, work on the left side.

When all else fails and still, your neck’s stiff, you can always sleep through it and when you wake up you’ll find that the pain is gone. Just make sure you are sleeping in the proper position.  In some cases, that the pain gets too much to handle, you may need a full body massage to completely relax your body and your neck muscles.


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