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How To Use Green Tea for Better Health,

How To Use Green Tea for Better Health
How To Use Green Tea for Better Health

Ancient Chinese medicine claimed that green tea was good for headaches, body aches, proper digestion, fighting depression, immune enhancement, detoxification, energizing, and prolonging life. Modern science suggests that green tea may prevent or slow the growth of cancers, aid with weight loss, help reduce high cholesterol, improve immune function, work as an antibacterial, help sunburn, hives, and tooth decay as well as a few other things. This is because green tea contains volatile oils, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, caffeine, polyphenols, and antioxidants. Overall, there is no doubt about it--green tea is good for you. You can use green tea for better overall health!

Step 1

Drink green tea regularly. Green tea has a lot of really good benefits. You should drink three to four cups of green tea every day. It is best if you drink it without any sweetener or other additives. However, here are a few suggestions for getting your green tea in:

  • Drink it brewed light. If you have a hard time with the bitterness of a strong cup of green tea, then don't brew it as dark. It is true it doesn't have as many of the good things, but some is better than none.
  • If you must sweeten it, use honey rather than sugar or sweetener. This has some benefits of its own and won't negate the health benefits of the tea. Sugar and sweetener can actually negate some of the health benefits. 
  • You can add a touch of milk or cream to your tea as well. Avoid creamers which have a lot of non-natural sugars. If you are watching your weight, then remember to count anything you add to your tea!
  • Drink it cold. Sometimes a hot drink just won't do. You can drink this one cold just as well as warm. Either buy some in the store (unsweetened) or  make your own by brewing a large batch of green tea and putting it in the fridge (drink within ten days).
  • Mix it with other things. Honeysuckle is a good thing to add to your green tea for health purposes. However, you can add chamomile to lighten the flavor or mint "tea" to add mint to the flavor as well. Mixing herbal teas or other teas to change the flavor can be helpful for those who don't like the taste of green tea. Green and mint tea can be fantastic cold for a very refreshing drink.

*There are a lot of green tea supplements on the market. Many claim to aid in health and their benefits are actually unknown. The big disadvantage to these supplements is that they have huge amounts of caffeine which often cause negative side effects. One cup of green tea has about 45 mg of caffeine (half of that of a cup of brewed coffee) and is usually a low enough dose that three to four cups of tea a day doesn't effect people. However, concentrated forms of green tea (such as green tea capsules) often contain a lot more caffeine as well as green tea and can be dangerous.

Step 2

Use green tea for benefits to your teeth. Green tea can actually help in the fight against tooth decay. Because of that, it can be used in a couple different ways for a lot of benefits to your teeth.

  • Gargle with it once or twice a day before brushing. It is easier to handle than your normal mouthwash and can help remove bacteria (it has antibacterial properties), fight against tooth decay, and will help to loosen food and other debris before brushing.
  • Swish it around your mouth after a meal when brushing isn't an option. You can swish it around your mouth and kill bacteria, helping your teeth out when you can't brush. It is easy to find hot water these days--just carry a tea bag with you or a bottle of cold tea and you are ready for after lunch! Most people find it aids in fresher breath as well!   

Step 3

Use green tea for your skin. Because green tea has a lot of benefits for your skin more and more lotions, washes, and anti-age creams are "containing green tea."  You don't have to spend a fortune for healthy skin benefits.

  • Use cold or cooled prepared green tea as an astringent or toner at the end of your face washing regimen. Evidence shows that it is good for your skin by reducing toxins, helping with acne, and having anti-aging properties.
  • Mix a little in with your lotion. This should be used the same day it is mixed (to prevent mold). It can aid your skin with firming, blemishes, and anti-aging. Use it everywhere you would normally moisturize.
  • Use it as a rinse in the shower. Simply reuse a water bottle to place cooled tea in it and pour it over your body at the end of the shower (you can leave the shower running so it isn't cold).  

Step 4

Use green tea for healthier nails. You can soak your fingernails (and toenails) in green tea for healthier nails. It kills some bacteria, aids in moisturizing, and helps with growth. Prepare a cup of strong green tea and add it to your soaking bowl or dish. Soak your nails for fifteen minutes. Dry when done.

Step 5

Use green tea for wound care. Small wounds that aren't serious can benefit from a little green tea. You can soak them or just pour a little prepared green tea over them each day for a healthier and faster healing wound.

Green tea is good for you and can be used in several ways for better overall health. Ancient Chinese wisdom said that green tea could prolong the life and was better than food itself. With that in mind, get to making, drinking, and using it each day. Remember that green tea mixed into creams or other items should be used right away. Prepared green tea should be used within ten days as long as it is stored in the refrigerator. It can be used for drinking, tooth care, skin care, nail care, and wound care as long as it is discarded after ten days.


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