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How To Use Mustard Seeds to Treat Body Pain,

How To Use Mustard Seeds to Treat Body Pain
How To Use Mustard Seeds to Treat Body Pain

Mustard seeds have been used in ancient times to relieve a variety of pains and medical conditions. It contains various cancer fighting compounds and has selenium, which is an anti inflammatory. It also has anti fungal properties.

Today, holistic practitioners can help you use this wonderful seed for pain relief. These are also various home remedies you can try incorporating the use of mustard seeds. It may sound funny and old fashioned, but it works. It’s inexpensive and it’s effective. It’s a drug free approach to treating pain.

Here’s how to use mustard seeds to treat body pain.

  • Have a stock of mustard seed oil in your home. This can be in the form of capsules containing mustard seed oil, or in liquid form. You can also purchase the mustard seeds directly from the Asian food or spice aisle of the market and a natural food store. You can try buying some mustard seeds from a store that sells Indian products. If you cannot find the fresh seeds or capsules, as a last resort, you can use dry mustard. However, the most potent will still be the oil from the ground seeds.
  • To treat headaches and migraines, take a mustard seed capsule. You can also mix a teaspoon of mustard seed oil in your drink. Taking the oil internally makes the oil mix in your blood stream. This is an effective yet natural relief for those suffering from migraines and urinary tract pain.
  • If you have joint or body pain, you may grind some mustard seeds to obtain the oil at its freshest. Add a few drops of water to make it into a paste. You can now apply this paste directly on the skin surface where you are experiencing pain. You will feel a slight tingling sensation. Massage the product on your skin, using long smooth strokes to increase the efficacy.
  • Cover the area with a soft cloth (a cheesecloth or handkerchief works well) to keep the paste on the skin and to avoid getting it in contact with your clothes and other surfaces.
  • If you have the flu, chest congestion or a fever, you can use the same treatment to break the congestion and the fever. Place the mustard on the chest and leave on for a few minutes. You should see relief in a few hours. The magnesium in the mustard helps in respiratory problems, especially asthma, colds and cough.
  • Do not use the mustard oil paste directly on broken skin. Be careful not to get it in your eyes and under your fingernails because it will cause an irritation or slight burning sensation. Also, wash off the paste after fifteen minutes. If you leave it on too long, it may cause skin irritation.

This tiny seed has a variety of benefits for the human body. It not only makes our food and sandwiches taste better, but it can also bring pain relief. Next time you experience body and joint pain, try using mustard seeds before reaching for your pain medication.


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