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Japanese Dog Names and Their Meanings, Consider Naming a Dog with a Unique Japanese Name

How To Choose Japanese Dog Names | Popular Dog Names
How To Choose Japanese Dog Names | Popular Dog Names

So you want to give your dog a unique and culturally rich Japanese name. Look no further. In this article, we will introduce Japanese dog names and their meanings, and also point you in the right direction to conduct an online search for even more names. Naming a dog can be tough, so why not skip the most popular dog names and come up with something that has meaning to you and your pup? Here's how to choose unique dog names in Japanese.

The meaning of Japanese names can differ depending on the kanji character used to represent each sound of the name. Here is a list of the most popular names for dogs in Japanese and their meanings:

  • Momo: Peach
  • Ringo: Apple
  • Ichigo: Strawberry
  • Mikan: Orange (fruit)
  • Yuzu: Citrus Fruit
  • Mochi: Sticky Rice
  • Anko: Red Bean Paste
  • Sumi: Japanese black ink used for calligraphy
  • Ocha: Japanese tea
  • Sakura: Cherry Blossom
  • Ran: Orchid
  • Hana: Flower
  • Fuji: Type of flower, or Mt. Fuji
  • Tora: Tiger
  • Tenshi: Angel
  • Ryu: Dragon
  • Sora: Sky
  • Yume: Dream
  • Ame: Rain or Candy
  • Niji: Rainbow
  • Yuki: Snow
  • Mizu: Water
  • Taiyou: Sun
  • Kumo: Cloud, or Spider
  • Honou: Flame (fire)
  • Kibou: Hope
  • Yuuki: Courage
  • Riki: Strength
  • Kokoro: Heart
  • Chibi: Cute and Small
  • Kuro: Black
  • Shiro: White
  • Kin: Gold
  • Gin: Silver
  • Midori: Green
  • Ao: Blue
  • Aka: Red
  • Wasabi: Spicy horse radish
  • Sushi: Japanese delicacy
  • Koro: Onomatopoeia for rolling
  • Wan: Onomatopoeia for a dog's bark
  • Wan-Wan: What infants often times refer to as dogs in Japan
  • Rin: Onomatopoeia for the sound of bells
  • Kotaro: Small child
  • Shogun sama: Mr. Shogun
  • Samurai: Samurai
  • Katana: Japanese sword
  • Kabuto: Japanese armor
  • Origami: Japanese paper art

These cool dog names should get you started; however, if you want more, you can always search for different puppy names online:

  1. Enter the URL of your favorite search engine (such as
  2. Type "Japanese dog names" into your search engine and initiate the search. "Japanese names" may also yield good results if you are interested in giving your dog a human Japanese name.
  3. Browse through the search results to view the full range of Japanese names available to you online.
  4. You may also be interested in visiting an online English to Japanese translator (such as and typing in a word you like the meaning of in English. You might like the sound of it when translated into Japanese.

  Useful Links:
  • Online English to Japanese Dictionary
  • Japanese Dog Names from Dogmania

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